Groups & Projects

activities in the catchment

Bushcare Groups

Pullen Pullen Catchments Group, in collaboration with the Brisbane City Council, currently coordinates three local Bushcare groups to assist with the care of Council-controlled public land in the catchments. These operate in Anstead Bushland Reserve, Pullenvale Forest Park and Woodward Place Park, with regular bushcare sessions throughout the year.

Communications, Education and Data

In keeping with Pullen Pullen Creek Catchments Group’s objective to facilitate educational, cultural and environmental awareness in the community, communications, education and data collection activities are regularly undertaken.

Wildlife Care

Pullen Pullen Catchments Group objectives include the rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned protected animals. A very experienced and active team is constantly engaged in the rescue, care and release of wildlife.


Pullen Pullen Catchments group has become involved in Waterwatch. This program encourages collaboration between governments, universities and industries to assist communities to assess catchment health via the quality of the water in the main creeks of the catchment and to address problems if necessary.


Members of the Pullen Pullen Catchments Group are entitled to access locally sourced and grown native plants from the Moggill Creek Catchment Group nursery in Brookfield. For more information see the Moggill Creek Catchment Group website.

Collared Delma Habitat Enhancement

Pullen Pullen and Kholo Creek Catchments Groups have successfully completed a joint project to improve population trajectories for a threatened legless lizard, the Collared Delma (Delma torquata). Read on for more information about the project and ongoing efforts to enhance Collared Delma habitat.