About PPCG

PPCG's goals are to

Maintain and restore natural vegetation communities by

  • Reverse the tendency of habitat fragmentation by encouragement of continuity of wildlife habitats across public and private lands
  • Weed strategy — identify and control exotic weeds
  • Re-vegetate and regenerate public and private land
  • Active bushcare groups
  • Provision of native plants to members
  • Wildlife protection zones
  • Restore and preserve water quality by:
  • Community water quality monitoring when creeks are flowing
  • Fish monitoring
  • Clean up squad

Facilitate the establishment of appropriate infrastructure by

  • Build a network of walking tracks
  • Establish recreational facilities where appropriate

Inform and educate members and the community by

  • Publications (Streamlines, the PPCG’s newsletter)
  • Maintaining PPCG web site
  • Events (information days, local talks, workshops, nature walks)
  • Environmental educational programs with schools and community
  • Involvement of the community in festivals and projects
  • Encourage shared values and sense of community
  • Collect local history
  • Encourage a sense of ownership/custodianship of the environment
  • Bush regeneration & community tree-planting events along creeks

PPCG Management Committee

PPCG Bushcare Coordinators