Collared Delma Project

Improving Collared Delma trajectories in Brisbane’s western suburbs

This project is designed to enhance habitat for the threatened Collared Delma (Delma torquata) – a small legless lizard that inhabits eucalypt forest with grassy understory and rocks. The western suburbs of Brisbane are considered a stronghold for this species and the team has been surveying the properties of local landholders who have signed up to the project. The goals of this first phase of the project are to identify the extent of suitable habitat and threats from weeds such as creeping lantana. The next phases will involve weed management in areas of viable habitat and surveys to document Collared Delma populations in the catchment areas. The project is being undertaken by Pullen Pullen and Kholo Creek Catchment Groups and is supported through funding from the Australian Government.


For more information on the Collared Delma and sightings reported to the Brisbane City Council’s Land for Wildlife program, see