Streamlines February 2020

Our first article for the year is a summary of the talk Rachel Alexander from Brisbane City Council’s Invasive Species Management Team gave at the 2019 Annual General Meeting on the occurrence and management of feral animals, particularly in our area.

Margaret O’Grady continues her series of fungi photographed in Anstead Bushland Reserve with three of the ‘lesser lights’. Hopefully, with wetter conditions, Margaret will find many more subjects and rediscover some of the fungi that appeared to have been ’lost’ from the Reserve.

Our Wildlife Officer, Irene Darlington, gives us an insight into the number of people involved in one wildlife carer’s life and opens our eyes to the range of possible ways of supporting her efforts.

Fire Ants have reared their ugly heads again with one of our committee members finding nests on her Anstead property. Make sure you check your own property for the presence of these dangerous pests.

Streamlines archive

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Other topics of interest

The following is a list of published works which may be helpful:

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