Bushcare Groups


PPCG warmly invites community volunteers to come along to bushcare sessions at Anstead Bushland Reserve and Pullenvale Forest Park, where you can learn about our current activities and contribute to our regeneration efforts. To receive reminders about the bushcare mornings, you can sign up for the PPCG newsletter by becoming a member or following us on Facebook

Please bring a water bottle, sun-smart clothing (including sunscreen, hat etc) and a keenness to learn about our local environment. We will ask you to sign a volunteer form and adhere to any COVID-19 sign-in requirements or restrictions that are in place at the time. 

Anstead Bushland Reserve

Anstead Bushland Reserve, at over 130 hectares, is Brisbane City Council’s largest nature reserve on the river. It is comprised of several different regional ecosystems and provides habitat for a number of threatened species including koalas. The Reserve has excellent sheltered BBQ and picnic facilities and is a popular location for recreational users. There is a network of short-distance walking tracks, regularly used by bushwalkers, dog walkers, bird watchers and horse riders.

A highlight is the Quarry Lookout, a 1-kilometre walk from the main carpark, which offers views of the Brisbane River and west to the D’Aguilar Range. Located at the historically significant site of the old Moggill Quarry, this area still retains relics and reminders of the past. There is a history display panel at the Lookout which illustrates aspects of the local area’s (and particularly the quarry’s) history. At the base of the quarry, there is another lookout closer to the banks of the Brisbane River. It can be accessed via a walk down a steep track, which must be used with caution. There is another panel near the lower lookout with additional historical information. 

The main entrance to the Anstead Reserve is from Hawkesbury Road, a short distance from the Mount Crosby Road intersection (UBD 195 N4).

Bushcare Activities

The enhancement of ecosystems within Anstead Bushland Reserve has been actively pursued over many years by Anstead bushcare groups with support from the Brisbane City Council and assistance from the local community. The current group, Friends of Anstead Bushland (FOAB), has three projects in train in the Reserve. These are elaborated in a Site Plan devised in collaboration with Brisbane City Council with projects tracked in yearly reports. They include:

(1) Enhancing ecosystems through natural bush regeneration (for further details see Jim Williams’s overview of the Enhancing Ecosystems through Natural Bush Regeneration in Anstead Bushland Reserve);
(2) Maintaining and enhancing the condition of previously replanted high visibility areas;
(3) Improving habitat for the vulnerable Collared Delma (Delma torquata). 

Come along to a bushcare session and join the Friends of Anstead Bushland in putting their projects into action. Bushcare sessions are held on the first Sunday of each month except January, from 7-9:30am in the summer months (from October to March) and from 8:30-11:00am from April to September, with morning tea provided. Additional sessions (on Saturday afternoons and Friday mornings) are also held during the year. For more information on bushcare sessions and other events in Anstead Bushland Reserve see our Events Calendar, or contact Friends of Anstead Bushland coordinator, Gillian Whitehouse by emailing contactus@pullenpullencatchments.org.au or gillianmw1949@icloud.com.

Pullenvale Forest Park

Pullenvale Forest Park has a large open grassed area with shaded picnic and BBQ facilities, popular with families and recreational users. For the nature enthusiasts, there are walking tracks that extend deeper into the 12 hectare park, through rainforest, vine forest and eucalypt forests.

A highlight of the park is a newly constructed boardwalk along Pullen Pullen Creek providing a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the park. This boardwalk is ideally suited for wheelchair visitors.  Entry to Pullenvale Forest Park is from Pullenvale Rd, 400m from Grandview Rd Intersection, and from Fisher Place, Woodcrest Estate (UBD 176 H14).

Bushcare Activities

The protection and restoration of the park’s forests is in large part thanks to the PFP Bushcare Group and community members undertaking tree planting and bush regeneration activities. We warmly welcome community members to come along to bushcare mornings and help plant a few trees or pull out a few weeds.

PFP bushcare activities are held on the second Sunday of each month from  8-10am with morning tea provided. To confirm details, contact the bushcare co-ordinator, Lynn Brown by emailing contactus@pullenpullencatchments.org.au or phone 0417 648 050.


Located between Woodward Place and Old Farm Road in Pullenvale, in a secluded gully, lies Woodward Place Park: 6.16 hectares of grassed field and remnant endangered Regional ecosystem 12.3.16 notophyll vine forest. It is a life-giving green corridor of hollow bearing trees alongside Pullen creek that is home to many threatened wildlife species. 

Access to the park is from an easement at Summerland Place which takes you to an open field, popular for dog walkers, kicking a ball and flying kites or drones. Crossing a flood proof bridge over Pullen creek brings you to the second park field, which can be used as a circuit track around the million-tree planting at the centre.

Due to the biodiversity of the area and its varying habitats, bird watchers are gifted here with a variety of migratory and local species of water and open to dense forest birds, with sightings of many parrots, wrens, songbirds and raptors.

Bushcare Activities

Come be involved in the rehabilitation and weeding of the endangered vine dry rainforest on Pullen creek at Woodward Place Park, every third Sunday of the month from 8:30am-9:30am (October-March) and 8:30am-11am (April -September), followed by morning tea.

This important work improves hollow accessibility and restores habitat to our special wildlife that call this parkland and creek home. For more
information please contact the bushcare coordinator Esther O’Brien by emailing contactus@pullenpullencatchments.org.au or info@airogreen.com.au