Plants of the Pullen Pullen Creek Catchments

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Plants identified in the area are listed under the categories described below.  Plants that have a range of growth types are listed in both categories. For example, plants that can be shrubs or small trees depending on growing conditions appear in both categories.

Trees >>
large woody perennial plants with a distinct trunk giving rise to branches or leaves at some distance from the ground.

Shrubs >>
woody plants of relatively low height, having several stems arising from the base and lacking a single trunk. 

Herbs >>
plants whose stems do not produce woody, persistent tissue and generally die back at the end of each growing season. Lilies and orchids are included in this category.

Vines >>
weak-stemmed plants that derive their support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface.

Grasses >>
plants with hollow jointed stems and long narrow, usually green leaves and tiny flowers arranged in spikes.

Sedges & Rushes >>
Sedges are grasslike plants of the family Cyperaceae, having solid triangular stems, leaves in three vertical rows, and spikes of inconspicuous flowers. 
Rushes are grasslike plants of the genus Juncus/family Juncaceae having pithy or hollow stems, found in wet or marshy places.

Water plants >>
plants that grow in water, either submerged or emerging above the surface.

Cycads >>
seed plants typically having a stout and woody trunk with a crown of large, hard, stiff, evergreen leaves, individual plants are either male or female.

Ferns >>
flowerless, seedless vascular plants having roots, stems, and fronds and reproducing by spores.

Club mosses >>
nonflowering plant that typically has creeping stems with small overlapping leaves and reproduces by spores. 

Lichens >>
complex organisms composed of a fungus in symbiotic union with an alga that grow as greenish, gray, yellow, brown, or blackish leaf-like, crust-like, or branching forms on rocks, trees, etc.



These lists are based on information supplied by Daniel Rekdahl, Graham McDonald, Bob Johnson and Ann Moran with additional records supplied by members. Formatting of the lists was arranged by Helen Ogle.


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