Pullen Pullen Catchments Group (PPCG) aims to foster awareness and appreciation within the community of the need to protect the natural environment throughout the catchments and to help conserve Australia’s unique flora and fauna.

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The August issue has articles about a mysterious creature damaging gum tress in Airlie Road Park, as well a report from our Wildlife Officer about the current pressures on our local wildlife.

There is an article about the plantings of Richmond Birdwing Butterfly vines in Pullenvale Forest Park with some interesting photos of the vine and the butterflies.

Finally a page with some information about the relative merits of replacing old trees with new ones as a habitat for wildlife.

The May  2019 issue of Streamlines is now available on the website. In this issue we continue the series of articles by local residents describing their work in revegetating their properties. This month the contributors are Alan and Sue Anderson from Pullenvale.

Since many of our members have difficulties in removing lantana from their properties, our Editor Helen Ogle has included some information from a government report on two biocontrol agents that are showing signs of success.

Two trees suitable for larger blocks in our area are described, and we finish with notes of the serious disease afflicting our local  water dragons as mentioned on this site previously.

This issue of Streamlines starts with reports on our recent activites . There is an article compiled by our Editor, Helen Ogle refreshing our knowledge on the catchments within which we operate and the objectives we work towards.

There is a useful article on the regeneration undertaken by the Petelskis on their block in Pullenvale.

Irene Darlington, our Wildlife Officer writes about plantings to sustain local wildlife and offers suggestions about protecting them from pets.

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Scinetists have detected an outbreak of a severe skin disease caused by a pathogenic fungus in wild eastern water dragons in Southeast Queensland.

This outbreak poses a serious threat to Australia's reptilian fauna.

Members of the public are requested to contact the scinetists listed at the end of the article of any suspect cases.

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